Friday, 18 October 2013

Footpath at New Road blocked off!

Rodden Lake Stream Meadow, pictured here, was bought recently and mowed. The mowing was good - and overdue - since the wild flowers need to be able to have space and light to grow through each year.

However, in the last few days a metal fence has been erected at the exit from the meadow to New Road (where there was previously a boulder to prevent vehicles but a metal bar that acted a bit like a stile).
Although this was not a formal footpath, it has been used by locals regularly as a green walking route into town.

Are you one of the people who used it?
We urgently need to gather evidence of use by people who are are happy to be named. This evidence will be needed if we are to successfully campaign for a right of way to be established.

Please email telling us if you use this path - or if you've always used this meadow for anything else like do walking, kite flying, stream dipping... whatever...

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