Saturday, 10 May 2014

Shocking changes to Rodden Lake Stream Meadow

Here are two photos taken at Rodden Lake Stream Meadows. The first shows the shocking new fence that's now either side of the public footpath. The second demonstrates the extent of scrub and hedge clearance that has taken place. 

This sort of hedge clearance should not be carried out during the nesting season.  Mr Brunt has also fertilised the meadows which will seriously hamper the wildflower growth because they will be out-competed by grass. We are tackling him on these issues via Natural England and other third parties.

Did anyone reading this see the hedge clearance and/or muck-spreading taking place?

A date would be a real help so please contact us if you did see it and can remember exactly when it was.

Meanwhile research has been taking place concerning the measures we can use to campaign for access and protection of this green space - and others - in Frome.  We hope to be able to report back on this soon and we can make a refreshed campaign plan.

1 comment:

  1. I thought it was illegal to clear hedgerows during the nesting season, can't wonderful local government officials be bothered to even enforce this law???? Or are certain land owning gentry seen as being above the law?